my favorite things: mirror details

Looking for a little “wow” factor in your decor? Oh, what a little shine can bring! One of my favorite things to see at an event is mirror details. Clean and modern, yet feminine, this touch can really add something special to your set up.

For a few weddings this year, rather than escort cards, we had a mirrored seating chart. Very “grand”, this piece defiantly makes an elegant statement. A large leaning mirror or a group of smaller mirrors set on a tabletop can really be a unique piece of your decor.

Some other popular mirrored pieces are cake stands, centerpiece vases, table numbers, cocktail tables, and flower pedestals for the ceremony site. I also love to see mirrored tabletops, though they can be a bit pricey. The reflection of the centerpiece and the candles on the table will warm up your space like nothing else! Simply stunning!

Here are a few pictures of some ways to incorporate mirrored pieces into your decor. Hopefully you find some inspiration of your own! Enjoy!


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