sneak peek: hailey & ryan

Hailey & Ryan’s wedding is coming up in September and I simply cannot wait! This one is so close to my heart…..

Hailey walked into my life when she interviewed years ago for a part-time position in my wedding department at the NB Marriott. Bright eyed, spirited, and sweet, my colleague Michele and I loved her right from the start! Even at that first interview, she reminded me so much of myself when I was her age! She was focused, determined, and excited to make it in the wedding industry and I truly wanted to help her get there! We hired her, and I knew she’d forever be someone who was special to me 🙂

After years working at both the NB Marriott, and the Irvine Marriott, Miss Hailey is now a Meeting and Special Events Manager at the Ritz-Carlton! Talk about success, she has exceeded all of our expectations! Those of us who witnessed her grow from the beginning couldn’t be more proud of her, knowing she is doing exactly what she was meant to do, at one of the most amazing venues in California!

Hailey is going to marry Ryan, her lifelong love, in September at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach. It is going to be a stunning wedding, that I am honored to help with! I want everything to be perfect for her, and I know it will be! This adorable couple has the world at their feet and they deserve it all!

Hailey, I love you hun & I just can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle! You are an amazing woman, and it has been an honor getting to know you and work with you over the years! I’m so glad you walked into that interview so long ago…. I’ll always be here to support you, both with your personal life and with your career!

Take a look at just a few of their amazing engagement photos by Mike Arick So, so sweet! It was hard for me to pick just a few to share!


Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-09 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-15 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-22 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-33 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-36 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-42 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-47 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-60 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-67 Laguna-Beach-Engagement-Mike-Arick-Photography-Hailey-and-Ryan-79




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