my favorite things: white phalaenopsis orchids

At recent appointment with a florist with one of my beautiful spring brides, she was asked what her favorite flower was and she said “Phalaenopsis orchids”! I smiled instantly, a woman after my own heart! I love all orchids, but the Phalaenopsis Orchid is one of the most amazing flowers in my opinion! I just LOVE them!

Simple and classic, this simple flower is so elegant. The bright white color is perfect for a clean, modern feel. These flowers are a bit expensive, but worth it! These flowers go great in centerpieces, bouquets as well as for mens personal flowers or corsages. Wanna make a statement? A large arrangement with orchids will be a showstopper. Mixed with hydrangeas or roses is beautiful, but they are also stunning solo. Orchids also hold up very well, without wilting or discoloring during the hours of an event. They will be stunning from the beginning to the end of your big day!

Here are some photos of this beautiful flower to give you some inspiration!






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