my new space!

A few months ago Brian and I were talking about moving me into a new office. Though it’s been great working from home, I was ready to have a “home base” to have meetings and consultations, and also a way to save me some driving time going from place to place meeting with my clients. I started looking at a few small places, and we started to talk about our options….

Over the years working in this industry, I’ve met some amazing people! Vendors have become friends, people who I refer not only because they are good at what they do, but also because they are just good people. I am blessed to have the relationships that I do.

Angel, the owner of Fusion Linens is one of those people, just a joy to know and a pleasure to work with! Over the years he has been one of my favorite vendors, someone I trust and highly respect. After a client meeting with Danielle at Fusion on a random Tuesday, days later I found myself on the phone with Angel, talking about their new office and the changes they were making. I was thrilled to hear that there may be a home for me inside their new warehouse! Angel and Danielle are simply great people, and I was honored to even be considered to be a part of Fusion’s new, larger space!

We set up an appointment to look at the space and I was sold! The new warehouse is located in Irvine, minutes from the Irvine Spectrum. It is a HUGE space that will be a showcase of beautiful linen, chairs, furniture rentals and accent decor items. Simply amazing! There are 6 offices that Angel has rented out to vendors like myself, such a wonderful networking opportunity!

So we moved in and started making it feel like home! I am sharing my space with Mrs. Amy Kutcha of “In the Moment Weddings”. She is amazing and I am so excited to have her as my “roommate”! Amy and I went for a “warm” feeling in the office with a white and tan color palette, with hints of pinks, pale blue and silver. Our office is the corner space, so it has some great character! We have a large window that brings in some great natural light, as well as some great closet and storage space. White lace curtains, a textured rug and some small personal touches, we are just in love with it! 🙂

Take a look! These are just pictures I took with my personal camera, so they aren’t great, but you get the idea! Amy and I cant wait to show the office and the entire new Fusion space off at our launch party coming up in the next few months! We are so excited to get to know the other vendors in the space, and to work so closely with Angel and the entire Fusion team!

Oh how amazing it is when things just seem to fall into place! I could had gotten my own office, but how boring would that had been?! Ha! Now I am in a great space, with great people, ready to meet with my amazing clients! Exciting stuff!


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  1. christy fine says:

    Looks and sounds awesome!!! Congrats. Love your frame,”keep calm and hire a planner!” That’s the truth! Somedays I wish I could do it all over again, just cause I know I’d have you…AGAIN 😉 YOU’RE THE BEST!!!

  2. courtney says:

    Candace I love it! I’m so happy for you

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