5 unique wedding favors

Raise your hand if you have about 10 bottle openers or coasters in your drawer from last season’s weddings you attended? Of course you do! So do I!

Yes these favors are cute, and for a great wine themed wedding they are appropriate! But, I’m asking you to think outside of the box! There are so many amazing favor ideas around now, why settle with something that isn’t creative and fun?

The rule of thumb with favors is that anything edible is normally best. Something that they can enjoy that won’t be thrown away, and won’t be tucked in a dark drawer at home. But, you also now see some great favors that aren’t edible, but can still be enjoyed for months after the wedding. Photo booths are still very popular, and how fun is it to send your guests home with a silly photo of themselves, enjoying your wedding? I’d take a funny photo of Brian and I wearing a boa any day over some coasters! hehe 🙂

Here are 5 of my favorite wedding favors, take a look!

1. Milk and Cookies: How cute is this?! Send your guests home with a bag of a few cookies tied to a small glass milk jar. I bet they enjoy it when they get back to their hotel room or their house that same night!

2. Small Plant or Succulence: “Let your Love Grow” on the tag, such a fun little gift! Put a name tag on it with a table number and it also doubles as your escort card!

3. Luggage Tag: What couple wouldn’t love to get a new set of tags? No more hand written airport tie-it-on-yourself tags at the airport! This is something guests will enjoy on trips for years. Having a destination wedding? Even more perfect….

4. Candy Apples: Fall wedding? Country wedding? This favor works with so many themes! One of my couples a few months ago choose to give these away because they had a caramel apple together on their first date, and it would always be their favorite treat.

5. S’more Packs: These may be my favorite! Graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate, oh my!

Have fun finding your favor!


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