50 ways to inspire your husband

I found a GREAT article on pinterest today….”50 ways to inspire your husband” and I had to share.

Your husband is (well should be!) your best friend, your partner, your other half. Why not think of ways to make him happy or to inspire him? This will ultimately lead to a stronger marriage, and a happier wife 🙂

The best advice I’ve ever gotten about marriage was to “always strive to make the other person happy. They in turn will strive to make you happy, and so in the end, you are both taken care of”. I took this to heart then, and I still think of it daily. If I try to make my husband happy, he will do the same for me. This is an idea that works on all levels, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This article gives you ideas for all areas…. work, family, friendship, sex.

Take a look, hopefully it inspires you to inspire him 🙂



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