my favorite things: creative escort & place cards

The escort card table…such a great focus point for your decor. Your escort cards can be a great way to be creative, and to continue to tie in your wedding theme.

Before we go any further, let me explain the difference between escort cards and place cards, as it is one my most common questions from my brides! An ESCORT card tells your guest what table they are assigned to, where a PLACE card assigns a specific seat at that table for your guests. Escort cards are most common, but hopefully this helps clear up the difference between the two 🙂

Dressing up your escort card table and/or place cards is a must! This will be your guests first impression as they enter the reception. Beautiful stationary can create an elegant feel, who doesn’t love seeing their name printed on beautiful paper in a fancy font?! Definitely a keepsake for the guest to enjoy!

There are many ways to display the cards. They can be on stands, they can be hung, or they can even be more of a treat for the guest, rather than a card. A glass of champagne as the guests enter the ballroom? Sure! Just find your name and grab a glass!

Take a look at some fun ideas for your cards and how to display them in a creative or beautiful way!



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