say yes to the dress

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you had a beautiful day with the ones that you love!

So we’ve all seen the show…and I’ll even admit it, I love every single episode! “Say Yes To The Dress” is such a fun show to watch, and an easy show to get roped into. There is just something so special about the search for the perfect wedding dress. There is something so thrilling about trying those beautiful dresses on, and walking out to stand in front of the mirror. For some brides, this is the moment when it really hits them, the moment when they can see themselves as a bride for the first time.

Shopping for the dress is a huge part of the wedding planning journey. It is a huge decision that requires your head, your heart, and your wallet to agree. Having the right team of professionals behind you, as you make this huge decision is crucial. You need to shop for a dress at a location that offers many options, designers, and most importantly, great customer service. You need to be able to ask questions, and receive real, honest, educated answers, regarding your gown and the process of selecting and ordering the dress.

One of my favorite wedding dress boutiques in Orange County, CA  is “The Wedding Day” in Fountain Valley. This store has an amazing selection of dresses and accessories for the big day. They are known for their amazing customer service and their knowledgeable staff.  They carry some amazing designers, including some of my favorites, Maggie Sottero, Lazaro, Mori Lee, and Enzoani.

I asked Anita, the Owner of the store, to share with me her “Top 5 Tips for Shopping for a Wedding Dress”. Take a look at these great tips from a Wedding Dress Pro:

  1. “Be open-minded as you are selecting styles to try on. And, utilize the expertise of your bridal consultant.  Bridal gowns have very little “hanger appeal”
  2. “Do  not bring a huge entourage to your appointment. One or two opinions who know you, and your vision for your gown and wedding day is perfect”
  3. “If you have a price point that you want to stay under, do not try on gowns that are more expensive.  Stay on budget!”
  4. “Do not let anyone push you into purchasing a gown with false statements (this gown may be discontinued soon, it take 2 to 4 months for alterations, etc). Or do not get caught up in the excitement of your entourage loving a gown. Make sure you love the  gown, and do not want to take it off or shop anymore. Avoid costly mistakes and be 100% sure”
  5. “Understand that sizing of your bridal gown is a skill and make sure you have a knowledgeable and honest individual sizing you for your gown. Too many stores want to make money on alterations and size your gown too big. Published size charts have room for interpretation which is why you need a qualified individual to size you and minimize your alterations cost”

Great tips Anita, Thank you!

To learn more about “The Wedding Day,” check out their website,

They also offer alterations, wedding invitations, bridesmaids dresses, tuxedo rentals and more….it’s a one stop wedding shop 🙂


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