diamonds are a girls best friend

Yes, it’s true….diamonds are a girls best friend!

You day-dream about it, dream about it, talk to your girlfriends about it….what will your engagement ring look like? How will it look on your hand? What will the shape of the diamond be? Yellow or White gold? So. Many. Questions.

If you are looking for your ring together, this really gives you an opportunity to show your groom-to-be your ring style! Dont focus too much on the size of the diamond, focus more on the shape, the color, the setting. Try rings on so you can see what they look like on you. Sometimes you’ll see a ring and fall in love with it, but then you put it on and realize it is not really your style. Give him an idea, and then let him do the rest.

The most popular cuts are princess (square), emerald (rectangle), brilliant (round) and asscher (square with rounded edges) (although I have been seeing a ton of pear and heart-shaped rings lately!).  White Gold, Yellow Gold, or platinum are the basic options for your setting and please read up on the 4 c’s of diamonds, cut, color, carat and clarity. Robbins Brothers has a fantastic website that talks all about these ring options, take a look They are amazing, and really know their diamonds! (if you are in the OC area, head over to the Fullerton RB, ask for Kristen!)

Or, if he has gone the traditional route and surprised you with your ring, he obviously knows you well enough to feel comfortable making the ring pick on his own. He may have enlisted the help of some members of your family, or a close friend, so it never hurts to drop a few hints to these folks along the way, should you think the big question is near 🙂

Either way, you’ll love your ring, and more importantly, you’ll love all that it stands for. You’ll wear this ring the rest of your life, with your left hand telling the world “I’m taken”.

Once the ring is on, sparkling, amazing, focus on the care of your ring. There is nothing else you own that is as important, no material thing anyway. Here are some tips for caring for your diamond:

Buy the Guarantee & Insure your Ring! Considering your rings monetary-and sentimental-value, you’ll want to insure it. Add a jewelry rider to your homeowners or renters insurance policy, or take out a separate policy on the ring. Make sure you read the fine print, ensuring that the insurance covers theft, damage, repair, etc. Some jewelry stores will offer you a lifetime guarantee, and it is always a good idea. You just never know! When you purchase the insurance, provide the company with a good photo of your ring, as well as receipts showing its value.

Clean your Ring! Keep it sparkling ladies! Clean your ring often to remove lotion, oils, and everyday dirt that can build up and cloud your diamond. You can use warm water and mild dishwashing liquid or a jewelry cleaner and a soft toothbrush. Just be careful! More than 60% of rings that are lost are lost in the restroom! Be careful not to drop in a sink, tub or toilet as you clean!

Visit your jeweler! Some jewelry stores will require that you bring in your ring once or twice a year to have a “check up”. This is a vital! Make sure your setting and prongs are tight, and then allow them to professionally clean it. This visit to your jeweler can prevent you missing a diamond later due to a loose setting!

Make sure it fits! Making sure that your ring is the correct size is key to keeping it safe. If your ring is too big, it could slip off at anytime. Unless you want to be on all fours searching your entire house for your ring, make sure it is snug.

Keep it safe, day-to-day! Traveling with your ring? Use the Hotel safe to store it should you take it off. Take off your ring often at home? Buy a ring box or jewelry tray where you always take it off (next to the kitchen sink is not a good idea!). Doing something with a lot of water? Swimming, spa, heavy cleaning? Take it off… and store it in a safe place.

Here are some diamond and ring photos! Enjoy!


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