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What a question!

I’ve always been so fascinated with engagements. How did he ask? What did he say? Did he get down on one knee? Details people, I need details!

Props to the guys out there who really put some thought into how they asked…. it is a moment she will NEVER forget, so it is important to really deliver! Come on guys, let’s get creative here! Surprise her. Wow her. Go big or go home.

Some women want to share their moment with the world, and others would hope for a private, intimate setting. Either way, it’s BIG. You are asking another person to spend the rest of their lives with you. Every day. Every night. Good hair days and bad. The whole deal.

For me, it was a moment that will ALWAYS remain fresh in my mind. I was shaking, literally shaking, he could hardly get the ring on my hand. I felt like he was the only person in the world, even though we were in front of some of our closest friends and family. It seemed to happen so fast, before I knew it everyone was clapping and I was in tears. Happy tears. Never been so happy in my life tears. I had somehow caught this amazing man and he wanted to marry me.

So, in an attempt to highlight these amazing moments, I will share an amazing engagement stories with you all here from time to time. Hence the title, Grand Engagements Part 1. Men, take notes! haha! I hope these moments make you smile, and remind you of just how much love surrounds two people when they make this choice together. And, for fun, I’ve also posted a few pics from my own engagement…Brian, you made me proud! 🙂

The video today is an engagement that happened in Downtown Disney… and man, can these people dance! Can you imagine being this Bride-to-be?! What a surprise! What a way to say I love you. I will forever love you. Marry me.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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